The People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Imo state chapter is said to be roiling in crises following the short – listing prospective names that will make Federal Board appointments from the state.

According to inside sources, the list has been drafted and submitted to Abuja, but some leaders who felt – short changed are kicking against the list which many say is all-embracing,

Imo Trumpeta was informed that the state chairman of the party. Barr, Eze Duruiheoma went toAbujahimself to deliver the envelop containing the short-listed names in order to avoid the list getting into the wrong hands.

However, the party, especially the executive members have not known peace since the list was made open as those who see themselves as alpha and omega in the party are questioning the criteria adopted in picking the short – listed names, which they claimed had some who are not qualified to make the list, either because of their education qualification or lack of loyalty to the PDP.

The executive members were accused of putting their names, or that of their cronies, which many are kicking against, even as far as planning a demonstration atAbuja.

The allegation was that party Exco members ought not have put their names, since they are already working for and paid by the party.

However, a source told Imo Trumpeta that it was right and proper for the party to reward its members, especially Exco members, who gave their all in seeing that the PDP won elections in the state.

The source maintained that even at the Federal level, President Jonathan has since compensated those who worked for him, including the current Minister of Defense, who was the Acting National Party Chairman that campaigned with Jonathan through outNigeria.

Imo Trumpeta was also informed that the allegation of non qualified was baseless as nearly all members of the Imo PDP Exco are graduates, while those with the lowest qualification have WAEC, which qualifies candidates for all elections inNigeria, as stipulated in the constitutions.

“Well, there is no crisis in PDP. Naturally, there is no way you can submit such a list without opposition from some quarters. That is part of democracy. But I want to tell you that all is well in our party” a source told Imo Trumpet.