Time Has Come For Igboman, To Become President, Says Archbishop Obinna


By Okey Alozie

Outgoing Arch Bishop and Apostolic Administrator of Owerri Arch Diocese, Most Rev Anthony J.V Obinna has declared that time has come for an Igboman to rule Nigeria.

He made this declaration at Assumpta Cathedral while presenting his homily during the wedding mass of Governor’s Daughter Saturday 30th day of April, 2022.

He disclosed that Pa Ayo Adebayo and other prominent Yoruba indigenes have demanded for an Igbo president to enhance the interest of peace and transparency in the country.

ArchBishop Obinna who said he was a very passionate Biafra up to 1977 also said that he cultivated Nigeria after that time but Nigeria is not cultivating him adding the Yoruba’s are having the key settlement.

Speaking further, thanked the Yoruba for coming in solidarity to support the Igbo for 2023. He therefore appealed to Mr President to consider it necessary to give support for an Igbo President.

He regretted why there should be high level of insecurity in Nigeria.

“Nigeria is in distress, the distress is now getting into the House of God (Church) and into us” he submitted.