Mbaike Reps Seat: 3rd Term Tussle: Mbaitoli Thank Ikeduru Leaders For Justice, Equity

Chairman Champion Newspapers, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu

The Leaders in Mbaitoli LGA, Imo State, have extended hands of gratitude to Opinion Moulders and revered Personalities of Ikeduru LGA extraction for their understanding in the contentious position of the House of Representatives for Mbaitoli/Ikeduru Federal Constituency.

Speaking to Journalists in Owerri, Prince Vincon Uwakwe Uwandu said that the people of Ikeduru have shown that they are peace-loving people and brother’s keepers in their acceptance that the seat should remain in Mbaitoli for another four years, for justice, equity and peace to reign in Mbaike Nation.

Uwakwe Uwandu, a known Public Relations Guru and Media Consultant said that the situation on ground has shown that the People of Ikeduru are not with Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu who was reported to have said that the position should return to Ikeduru as there is no room for “Third Term”.

Prince Uwandu maintained that it was necessary that Mbaitoli does a third which was started by Ikeduru, even with the support of Chief Iwuanyanwu, wondering why the renowned statesman and politician  is singing a different tune  now, just because it is the turn of Mbaitoli people to do third term.

“Chief Iwuanyanwu must be advised as our Leader not to make Mbaitoli people feel cheated or deceived in this circumstance. I therefore ask Iwuanyanwu to withdraw his stance and apologize to Mbaitoli people” Vincon said.

He stressed  that late Rt Hon Bethel Amadi started the Third term trend in Mbaike, and was allowed to complete it by Mbaitoli people, and wondered why Ikeduru people have agreed Mbaitoli people to do a third term, and Chief Iwuanyanwu is saying a different thing.

He reminder Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu that he was the one who insisted that Hon Uche Nwole from Mbaitoli does just one term from 1999 to 2023 only, for Ikeduru to mount the seat he supported Amadi for third term.

“It is a natural justice that it is the turn of Mbaitoli now to complete third term like Ikeduru did so as not to feel cheated” Uwandu said.

He advised Chief Iwuanyanwu to toe the line of the generality of Ikeduru Leaders who have resolved in unison to allow Mbaitoli to complete a third term peacefully, after which Ikeduru will take over.

“Mbaitoli people are peace-loving, and despite their heavy number in terms of voting strength, they always agree with their Ikeduru brothers on how to share their political positions, equitably and appealed that no one should come to destroy the cordial age long relationship that exists between Ikeduru and Mbaitoli people, known as Mbaike in Imo political lexicon.