Uzodinma Set To Release List of SOLADS For Imo LGAs . As Ngor Okpala Boils Over Choice of Appointee


By Okey Alozie

Indications are that the Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma is likely to announce the names of Sole Administrators of Local Government Areas this week.

Our sources revealed that the names of the Sole Administrators have been compiled and submitted to the Governor’s office for him to give approval. Any moment from now, the names will be made public.

Information revealed that the Governor considered it necessary to favour people outside CampHope faction since elections are approaching.

The Coalition Group and the group known as Hope For Good Governance according to information available will make the list.

The Governor as we gathered favoured other Groups and not mainly Camp Hope in order to bring Equity and Unity in Imo APC.

It would be recalled that CampHope group has received favour more than any other group since Uzodinma came to power two years ago.

All the 27 Interim Management Committee Chairmen and their Councilors came from Camp Hope and they stayed for two years in office.  Therefore, the governor this time decided to give other groups a chance to serve in government so that peace will reign.

Our roving Reporter also gathered that this is in line with the agreement made by the party leaders recently.

They are likely going to be in office for few months after which the governor will conduct Council Polls to produce elected Executive Chairmen and Councilors.

The Governor as we were told, sincerely wanted to conduct Local Government election in Imo but the Leaders in APC advised him to wait for awhile for peace to be restored in the party.

The Leaders from the 27 LGAs told the Governor that the Ward,  LGA and State Congresses coupled with State party primaries brought a lot of confusion and disunity in the party, therefore it will be good to shift the Council polls for the factions to unite first before any other thing.

Based on this advice from the Leaders the Governor resolved to appoint Sole Administrators and shift the council election earlier scheduled to take place in August. A date will be announced when things are in order, it was learnt.

The Governor after his meeting with Stakeholders of Imo APC few days ago at Government House,  Owerri told party chairmen in the  Wards and LGAs to meet with members and resolve all crisis.

Meanwhile, the selections of the SOLADS, we learnt is causing problem in Ngor Okpala LGA, where Leaders are accusing Gov Uzodinma of choosing all his Appointees from one particular Ward and Court Area, called Mbaishii, leaving the other Areas.

Ngor Okpala has Okwe, Igba, Obike/Elelem, Onyeanghalanwanneya and Mbaishii Court Areas, and share her political positions based on this equity.

But since Uzodinma came to power, all his Appointees have been chosen from Mbaishii.

The House of Assembly, Commissioner, Special Adviser, Senior Special Assistants, Personal Assistants are all from Mbaishii.