Selection Of SOLAD Tears Ngor Okpala APC Apart, As Leaders Fight Dirty


When Governor Hope Uzodinma dissolved the Interim Management Committees (IMC) of the Twenty Seven Local Government Areas in Imo State a few days ago, no one had envisaged that that action will lead to the inferno raging now in All Progressive Congress, APC, in Ngor Okpala LGA, which is tearing the party apart.

According to information available to Trumpeta Newspaper, it was learnt that the agreement of Ngor Okpala APC Leaders to arrive on the fellow to be made the Sole Administrator of the LGA, is now the bone of contention.

Trumpeta was told that there is war among the APC Leaders in the Council on who should be appointed.

Unfortunately, all the Leaders are said to have vested interest, which has led the choice of the SOLAD split the Leadership and their followers.

In Ngor Okpala APC, it is assumed that Dr Theordore Ekechi (TOE) is the Apex Leader in the LGA, following his position as a National Commissioner, has a chummy relationship with Governor Hope Uzodinma, and has remained the only Ngor Okpala politician ever visited in his home by Uzodinma since he assumed office.

The newly inaugurated Special Adviser (SA) to Governor Uzodinma , Barr Onyenna Onuegbu is another Leader who has even gone to the Press to advise all those seeking for the position to forget about visiting Native Doctors for the plum position in Ngor Okpala.

Sir George Eche, former Secretary to Imo State Government, is also another Leader in Ngor Okpala APC.

Chief (Barr) George Eke is one of the Leaders in the LGA, as well as Okenze Sylvester Obinna.

The Commissioner for Science and Technology, Prof BB Nwogu is an APC Leader also in Ngor Okpala, including the member of Imo House of Assembly, Hon Blyden Amajirionwu.

But unfortunately in Ngor Okpala LGA that shares her political positions among its Five Court Areas for Equity and Justice, the Uzodinma Government gives no damn and appoints whoever it deems fit, even if they are husband and wife.

This situation has been causing trouble in Ngor Okpala APC, with members silently grumbling in their Houses.

Ngor Okpala has Igba, Okwe, Obike, Mbaishii, and Onyeaghalanwanneya.

Of all the Five Court Areas, only Okwe has three Wards, while others have two each, making it a total of Eleven (11) Wards in Ngor Okpala LGA.

But in Ngor Okpala today, the House of Assembly member, the Commissioner, the SA, the outgone IMC Chairman, two Senior Special Advisers, SSAs, and Personal Assistant, SA, to Governor, are all from Mbaishii , within Ward One and Four in Ngor Okpala LGA.

Now, Trumpeta learnt, Mbaishii wants to grab the position of SOLAD again in addition to the ones they have even as the former IMC Chairman is from there, which causing the revolt in Ngor Okpala APC.

While some of the Leaders mentioned want equity, some play selfish politics to the detriment of other parts of Ngor Okpala.

However, a large chunk of Ngor Okpala APC members are waiting for the Governor to make the pronouncement on who will be the SOLAD before they make their next move.

Trumpeta learnt that while a number of them want to join Attorney Mathew Nwaoguala, candidate of the Labour Party who just left APC, others are looking towards PDP.

Therefore, as the waiting for who will be the SOLAD of Ngor Okpala LGA continues, it will make or mar APC in the LGA, as certainly something must give.

“We are waiting. That announcement will determine the future of Ngor Okpala APC. I think they said we have no power. We shall tell them that there is power in Number. Politics is a game of number. You will see the end of Ngor Okpala APC soon” one of the aggrieved members told Trumpeta.