Owerritomike, American Trained Petrol Geologist Kicks Off Owerri Unity Cup


It was pump and pageantry as the 2022 Owerri Unity Cup kicked off Sunday, December 11, 2022 at Township Stadium, Tetlow Road, Owerri, Imo State.

The Owerri Unity Cup powered by Tomike Foundation, would be played among five communities in Owerri Nchise, namely Umuororonjo, Amawom, Umuonyeche, Umuodu and Umuoyima.

According to the sponsore, Hon Owerritomike Austin Nnawuchi, who did the kick –off, the essence of the football tournament is to bring unity, love and progress among the communities in Owerri Municipal Council, pointing out that the Love to gather together as one is more  important than whatever may follow as prices for the winners.

The youthful American trained Petroleum Geologist, Hon Austin Nnawuchi in his speech at the opening ceremony said “Distinguished Ladies and gentlemen, my brothers and sisters, it is with great honour and pleasure that I welcome you people to the kick-off of the Owerri Unity Cup 2022 edition”.

He said that football is a beautiful game and unifies the people all over the world, pointing out that football brings unity peace and harmony in communities.

He added that “I am a strong believer in youth development and empowerment through football, which can create Economic development for our people, especially the Youths”.