In apparent reaction to the decision of the outsted Chairman of the Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers, Eze Cletus Ilomuanya, to return to court for the purposes of removing his successor, Eze Sam Ohiri, the camp of the present leader of monarchs in the state has described Ilomuanya as a drowning man seeking undeserved relevance.

In a message sent to Imo Trumpeta on the issue, Eze Ohiri asked this Newspaper to “remind Ilomuanya that he who goes to equity must go with clean hands. It is only a fool that does not know that Ilomuanya has no locus standi. He is merely thirsty for power

He has only exposed himself in the market place as a power drunk person. However, he is living in a hallucination of his selfish imagination and fantasy. The State government appointed him and the State government removed him”.

According to the statement sent by Eze Ohiri’s media aide, Everest Ezihe, “He who blows the pipe dictates the tune. Ilomuanya was a political appointee just like any other appointee of the state government. Imo can never go back toEgypt” It would be recalled that Ilomuanya has gone to court again seeking for the revalidation of his mandate and position as the chairman of Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers.

Reacting to Eze Ohiri, Eze Ilomuanya through his Media Aide, Mr Kennedy Enweama said.

“The obvious outburst by HRH Eze Samuel Agunwa Ohiri of Obi – Orodo Autonomous Community of Imo State over HRH Eze (Dr) C.I. Ilomuanya’s pending law suit in an Owerri       High Court, is to say the least, ludicrous.  Describing a highly respected Monarch of Eze Ilomuanya’s status as a “Drowning man” simply because he resorted to Rule of Law and constitutionalism to advance the course of justice, portrays Eze Ohiri as a parochial minded and naïve traditional ruler, who is averse to equity, justice and fair play.

While we are not against Eze Ohiri freely expressing his reservations (if any) about the law suit seeking a judicial review of the seat he occupies presently through means considered unlawful by the litigant, we will however, not condone his use of gutter language and dirty means to attack Eze Ilomuanya’s personality.

We need not remind Eze Ohiri that he has no monopoly of invective as such could also be thrown back at him if this advise is unheeded. Be it known that Eze Ilomuanya cannot condescend so low to indulge in denigrating altercation with Eze Ohiri particularly over a matter before the court.

We advise Eze Ohiri to subject whatever he thinks he occupies to legal scrutiny and stop crying hoax and throwing aspersion on people. This is democracy and the court is the most suitable place to resolve issues of Rule of Law in a democracy.

As for going toEgypt, which is reputed to be the original base of civilization globally, anybody who really lovesEgyptcan always go back there though through legitimate means.

A thousand Eze Ohiri’s cannot stop one Eze Ilomuanya from going back toEgyptif God okays it.

Finally, we implore Eze Ohiri not to be afraid to subject the means through which he purportedly became chairman, Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers to judicial scrutiny. What is he even afraid of? Why the panic?

Eze Ilomuanya has no personal quarrel with him but is only seeking to advance the course of Rule of Law and constitutionalism and should therefore, be commended. This is democracy and everybody is subject to the Rule of Law”. Enweama concluded.