Trumpeta Editorial


The Need For Politicians To Be Cautious
For quite some time now the media has been awash with political actions across the country. Some of these reports are positive while many others are negative.
Some are coming from the local governments in the country while others are coming from either the state Legislature, National Assembly, the Governors and the presidency.
However, all these points to the fact that our polity has transcended from mundane to the current realities of life.
That also shows that Nigerians have developed more interest in their wellbeing bearing in mind that the fulcrum of all the indices in life revolves around economic power.
Therefore, being cautious of this sacred fact, our politicians should equally appreciate the fact that the changing dynamics of politics has absolutely rendered the K. O Mbadiwe, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Sir Okotie-Eboh, Saduana of Sokoto et-al polity obsolete by every standard.
While we continually preach and advocate for one united and indivisible Nigeria, it is important to stress more on the need to shun clandestine and ethnic politics which has remained the bane of our unity.
Granted the fact that military regime is no longer fashionable anywhere in the world, our politicians should as well shun those things that are capable of attracting the military once again to the stage.
One Igbo adage has it that (ashi alula ogu, ashi akula aka nti) meaning, if it is said that there is an injunction against fighting, is there also any injunction against slapping?
If military rule is no longer fashionable worldwide, that is not enough reason why our politicians should continue making moves and statements that are capable of threatening the unity of the country.
The military as the custodians of protecting the entire frontiers of the country also has the duty and responsibility to protect the helpless citizens of the country.
If the country is in turmoil, the military has the responsibility to maintain sanity, peace and tranquility and this can be done through many ways including stopping the match mid-way and appointing anybody as the match official to continue the game.
He who has ears should hear before it becomes too late to redress our wrong political steps ahead of 2015.

Imo State Tertiary Institution & Its Current Admission Brouhaha
It is time Governor Rochas Okorocha Free Education is cancelled
Going by the situation of things in Imo tertiary institution I am not impressed with what is happening now. The recent IMSU post UTME that was conducted had many Imolites not able to see their results. During the past few days I have received countless of calls and all are saying their results was not found.
After interviewing some selected candidates wrote the IMSU post UTME. They said what they saw who when they checked online were :
1. Improper Shading in OMR sheet during exam