Endless Wait, As Govt Keeps Mute On Imo Assembly Motions For Property Recovery, Dissolutions


•Revealed Why Lawmakers Struck 

Emerging developments in Imo State have it that the State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma is undecided on succumbing to the weighty motions members of the State Legislature moved recently asking him to act on.

Members of the Imo State House of Assembly during plenary session last week did through motion asked the Governor to sack members and chairmen of various Commissions as well as Heads of Parastatals, MDAs, Development Centre Coordinators and members.

The members in another separate sitting same week went further to ask Uzodimma to recover the Parliamentary Quarters, renamed Heroes Apartment in New Owerri.

But a week after the motions were unanimously adopted by the members without exception, no comment has been heard from the executive arm indicating that Uzodimma may be undecided and not in the mood to take decisions yet.

Trumpeta learnt that the position of the Governor on the matters concerning the House motions is unknown yet following the passive stance a week after the lawmakers action.

When Trumpeta visited the Parliamentary Quarters sharing borders with the main Assembly complex, nothing to suggest the operators of the posh Heroes Apartment have been removed, as occupants are still maintaining their occupation of the blocks of building.

A closer observation from close range  further showed that the occupants and operators are not in panic mood arising from the push of the House of Assembly for the recovery.

Members of the Imo State House of Assembly lost the ownership of the place in 2011 when former governor of the State, Senator Rochas Okorocha handed it over to Chinwe Akanno & Associates to refurbish and manage for 25 years.

This newspaper predicated another round of skirmishes between the government and Chinwe Akanno Associates should the State government go ahead to actualize the desire of the House of Assembly.

Similarly, the call by the Lawmakers to have Board members and Heads of Parastatals, Commissions, MDAs and Development Centres removed is yet to see the light of the day.

The lawmakers while advocating for the execution of the motion sighted certain reasons for the Motion.

But those the House members want removed are still in office displaying body language that suggest nothing related to their ouster will happen.

As at the time of this report, no information regarding what next from the governor on the matter was heard suggesting that the Imo Assembly members exercise may be an exercise in futility.

Meanwhile, suspected reasons believed to be behind the action of the lawmakers have been decoded.

An insider in the whole scene who chose not to be mentioned said that the desire to make nominations and contributions of names for the composition of the Commissions, Devt Centres and other offices may have induced the lawmakers to launch the onslaught for fresh persons.

“The lawmakers need to have their own persons during fresh composition of names. And as such wants Uzodimma to do their bid. That is why they also included the development centre coordinators and members” the source further added.

Another reason for the call for sack is the manner the Commissions and MDAs acted during the budget defence for the 2024 Appropriation Bill. It was learnt that against what was  obtained in such situations, the lawmakers were not properly pacified to give their nod for the passage.

And to have their pound of flesh from the government officials in charge of the Commissions and MDAs, the move for their removal was advocated.