Avu Mechanics Village Denies Given Marching Order To Cocean Oil & Gas



.Warns Jeff Ukachukwu Against Using Governor’s Name for Land Grabbing

Avu Mechanic Village in Owerri West Local Government Area of Imo State under the aegis of Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association NATA has denied giving marching order to Cocean Oil & Gas.

Briefing Journalists on Monday 5th, February, 2024, the leadership of the Avu Mechanic Village drawn its attention on one of the Imo State based tabloid front page publication titled,

“Nigeria Automobile Gives Marching Order To Cocean Oil &Gas” attributing the report to the handiwork of mischievous makers and those hiding under the Avu Mechanic Village to enrich their personal pockets.

However, the Chairman of Avu Mechanic Village, Comrade Ifeanyi Ugwoegbu popularly called, “Bishop” recalled that his leadership had earlier discovered through the State Office of the Survey-General that certified allocation papers were given to Cocean as parcel of land owner at Avu Mechanic Village where he is currently building Auto Gas Conversion Training Centre for Automobile Technicians.

In his words, “I am the Chairman of Avu Mechanic Village, and I have been in this position for the past two years.

Any statement or action that is not emanated from my office is null and void and it is of no effect. Yes on the issue of the Land located beside the front gate of the mechanic cluster, it belongs to Cocean Oil and Gas hence we gone for search and uncovered that it has been allocated to Cocean.

So, we have accepted the Company owner, Dr. Chinedu Ndubuisi as part of us, and we have also reached an agreement with him because he has provided the authentic allocation papers and the only thing we don’t want is doing any business outside our interest as mechanics.

Interestingly, he agreed to establish a Mechanic Based CNG Training School which he has already started installation of its facilities. Another one is his acceptance to install electric fittings and cables within a specified area in the Avu Mechanic village as work is ongoing.

We are happy with the level of the job done so far and we believed it will soon go round. It was Kyrian Nnadi, the Chairman of Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association Imo State that brought Prince Jeff Ukachukwu into Avu Mechanic village as a developer.

We are not against anybody, but let nobody try to instigate crisis into where there is no crisis.

Comrade Kyrian Nnadi brought an agreement papers for me to sign that Prince Jeff Ukachukwu will come to Avu Mechanic village and invest by building a Town Hall for the mechanics at the rate of 5million naira that was when he was contesting his election as the Imo State Chairman of Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association NATA which I was his campaign Director-General.

He eventually won the election, and going by the agreement to allow Prince Jeff Ukachukwu to invest and to take possession of the mechanics land to build his personal shops and filling station, after our executive meetings the mechanics unanimously said no to Comrade Nnadi and his team and called for the review of the agreement solely signed by the Chairman, and that’s the major causes of the trouble”.

“The mechanics cannot be cowards or forced to accept illegality as well as accepting Comrade Kyrian Nnadi’s personal interest of looking for a way to dislodge Cocean Oil and Gas Natural Gas Conversion Training Centre.

So, Cocean Oil and Gas as far as I am concerned, rightly acquired his land through the State Government allocations, and ever ready to partner with the mechanics to develop the cluster. Even, Bet9a Company approached me for their business approval, I told them to do something for the mechanics and by now they are grading inland roads within the mechanics and ready to mount Solar streets Lights within the village”.

“We don’t know what Prince Jeff Ukachukwu and Comrade Kyrian Nnadi are trying to do with the Avu Mechanics and whatever action from them are null and void” Bishop.

Speaking Cocean Groups, Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Chinedu Ndubuisi who expressed sadness over the disturbance described himself as an asset to Imo State Government in terms of practical job creations and pointed out that his landed property located beside Avu Mechanic village main gate was long ago acquired by his company to establish Mechanics Based CNG Training School for the mechanics and to ensure that Imo State motorists enjoy conversion of Natural Gas to the regular petroleum refueling system and changed to use of cooking gas cylinder to power vehicles inline with the new technology.

He accused Prince Jeff Ukachukwu of fueling the crisis by using the name of Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma to swindle, deceive and grab people’s land claiming that he is the Governor’s first cousin.

“He is nobody in the State and has never created any meaningful job opportunity for Imo youths, and also has no definite business address in Imo State. He only goes about destroying the Governor’s name”.

“The Governor, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma we all know is not a land grabber, but some charlatans claiming to be his relatives should be warned not to spoil the innocent Man’s name who has the passion for developing the State more, looking at the Standard of his Road infrastructure projects, you will agree with me that it is a good quality”. Dr Ndubuisi said.

When contacted via cellphone to ascertain his own side of the whole gist, Prince Jeff Ukachukwu’s phone rang severally without response.