Tension As “Protest Against Hardship” Campaign Hits Imo


.Residents discuss Kano, Niger Developments

 There are strong indications that the pockets of protests witnessed in some parts of the country during the week is causing tension in Imo State.

Reason is that the campaign to protest against hardship in the country has hit the state.

Trumpeta recalls that few days ago, there were protests in parts of Kano and Niger states over high cost of living and hardship.

Our reporter who moved round noticed that the matter has become subject of discussion in major places in the Imo, especially the state capital, fuelling suspicion that the state may also be caught in the web.

At major bus stops and gathering points, Trumpeta discovered is has become a subject of discussion indicating that the campaign to protest has entered Imo State.

Though, this newspaper cannot point at any group or individual fuelling the campaign but it has become a kind of “talk in the town” by residents.

Meanwhile, reports have it that Nigerians in Diaspora have joined the agitation and petitioned Tinubu while planning a protest in the United Kingdom.