Revealed:  Why Uzodinma Failed To Show In Office After 2nd Term Swearing-In


The Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma was inaugurated for a second term in office on January 15, 2024.

However, unfortunately Imo people have not heard or seen their Governor since that epic Event that shook the foundation of Imo State.

Since then, questions have been flying about as regards the whereabout of the Chief Executive of Imo State.

Unfortunately, no answer has come out of Imo Government House, since it seems Imo Electorate have no person to pose their question to, because there is no Senior Official of Government to give answer to their question, except the Deputy Governor, Lady Chinyere Ekomaru, who is not forth coming.

While the Constitution of Nigeria guarantees the Governor certain months to announce his cabinet, but Imo people are confused why they have not sighted their Governor after he won a landslide  election in the November 11, 2023 Imo Governorship polls.

This scenario has raised a lot of questions as many wondered where the Governor has been since his inauguration, leaving Imo State empty and confused, even as the Deputy Governor has not claimed that she is the Acting Governor, with the long absence of her Boss.

Therefore, while different sources said the Governor went on holidays to have a Holiday after serving the State for uninterrupted four years in office, other sources maintained that Imo people ought to know the whereabout of their elected State Chief Executive based on Democratic tenets.

However the sources said that the Governor will not return to Imo until the face- lift going on in Imo Government House Owerri, otherwise known as “Douglas House” is completed.

Sources said that massive renovation is going on in Imo Government House, and must be completed before the Governor returns to the State to resume work on a fresh mandate.

Information has it that the Governor wants to put Imo State Government House in order and   to his test, so as to give him a conducive Environment to serve Imo people.

Government House sources said that both the Governor’s Lodge, and office are going through facelift, which would be completed this month, February.

This Newspaper learnt that the Governor has been managing the “Dilapidated office” and now wants to use this period to renovate the office to his test to serve Imo people better.

“The Governor has been putting up with what he saw as office. This period availed him of the time to renovate the office. It is for the good of Imo people” sources told this Newspaper.

Indications are that the Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma may be back to Imo State before the end of February.