Nnamdi Kanu: “I Will End Insecurity In South East After Release”


In a fiery statement on Tuesday, Nnamdi Kanu, the embattled leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), attributed the ongoing violence in the South East region to his prolonged incarceration by the Department of State Services (DSS).

Kanu, who has been in DSS custody since June 29, 2021, expressed dismay at the exploitation of the IPOB’s name by criminal elements to perpetrate unlawful acts in the region.

He asserted that the security situation would significantly improve if he were a free man, asserting his authority over the region’s affairs.

Addressing reporters after a court session dashed his hopes of bail pending trial on charges of treasonable felony, Kanu vowed to hold accountable those responsible for violence under the guise of IPOB once he regains his freedom.

“Any individual engaging in criminal activities in the East will face consequences. I swear it!

“They take advantage of my absence to wreak havoc,” Kanu declared defiantly. “If I were free, none would dare challenge my authority.”

Expressing suspicion of government complicity in the insecurity plaguing the South East region, Kanu accused certain government officials of profiteering from the chaos.

He asserted his leadership, dismissing any notion of opposition to his directives within the East.

“Who dares to defy my orders in the East? Nobody can challenge me. I am Nnamdi Kanu. Absolute rubbish!” he exclaimed vehemently.

Kanu issued a stern warning to perpetrators of violence in the name of IPOB, declaring them doomed and asserting his ability to restore peace to the region swiftly upon his release.

“Anyone involved in violence under the guise of IPOB is doomed, and they know it. Let me regain my freedom, and peace will reign in the East within minutes,” he proclaimed before being escorted away by DSS operatives.

Despite Kanu’s impassioned plea, Trial Justice Binta Nyako rejected his latest bail application, opting instead for an expedited trial on the charges against him.