Ignored Belated Resignation, Unnecessary Noise and Concentrate on Accompanying Comfort of Genuine Members of PDP Orlu LGA


Ignored Belated Resignation, Unnecessary Noise and Concentrate on Accompanying Comfort of Genuine Members of PDP Orlu LGA:

People’s Democratic Party Orlu LGA is very comfortable and in the mood of celebration having received the official, but belated resignation of few rebellious persons who had in about two decades at the detriment of other more faithful members handsomely benefited from the party they are casting aspersions on today.
Their purported resignation wasn’t a surprise but a relief to the party, considering their sabotage and sundry anti party activities.

It should be noted that PDP Orlu LGA’s leadership sometime ago witnessed unpardonable incompetence, leading to living below expectations. The reasons for the negative situation and obvious poor results were due to a bunch of opportunists who were parading themselves as leaders and other reasons not far-fetched.
Selfishness, insensitivity to plight of members, sectionalism, scrambling and partitioning of the party into ISU and ORSU clans for selfish motive, using the clan affiliations as determining factor in position allocations and distribution of dividend of democracy, sundry maltreatment on members with contrary views or opinions. Leadership became tool used in dealing with a particular clan.
If one hails from Isu clan of Orlu LGA, one automatically became disqualified from accessing any reasonable appointment or fair share of democratic dividend. Again, few of our members who even though hail from Orsu clan, but had thought it wise not to support such clandestine method of rating and recognition were punished by either ignoring them, making them leave at the mercy of playing second fiddle, character assassination, blackmailed or traumatized into silence and forced into political depression. During that era, the self-made gods were on rampage.

Leaders are known for skillful coordination of their people, galvanization of situations for peace and progress, the ability to skillfully at every point evenly distribute benefits, positions, careful and successful grooming of successors among other positive things.
Unfortunately, PDP Orlu LGA in about two decades of the rampage, a set of people in pretence of leadership intimidated everyone into submission of fate to political uncertainty.
Every position revolved around them, even when they obviously couldn’t raise 25 percent of total votes cast in Orlu for PDP. Some of them continuously couldn’t also win elections in their various polling units.
Despite these obvious anomalies, they still paraded themselves as semi gods in Orlu.

It was evident that the same people despite having it all in party positioning also hijacked the appointments during the aborted seven months of Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha’s regime. Having been contributory in messing situation up and losing from the government house to a man from his private home. One could have thought these people could have made way to more resourceful persons to lead the way. Unfortunately, they once again jumped into the 2023 PDP national convention for the presidential primary election of the party. The only one slot for Orlu LGA for the huge delegation to Abuja, was once again hijacked. They found only themselves capable to be in Abuja to rake the millions of hard currencies involved.
Are you also aware the same person who they chose among all previous offices had occupied was a former local government chairman, a former commissioner, a former member House of Representatives and so on? The unapologetic cabal conspired and sent him to Abuja and rake the hard currencies to the detriment of other committed members who had not benefited anything from the party.
One wonders when Orlu LGA PDP started lacking human resources to warrant only few persons to monopolize our political space.

Having gone to that presidential primary election, raking all hard currencies involved. It’s also on record that the party was unapologetically denied getting a dime from that, which the party ordinarily should have had share from for running and maintenance of the party. They operated with impunity and were never considerate.

The most unfortunate side of events and regrettable too, was their absurd response to emergence of Dist. Sen. Samuel Nnameka Anyanwu as the gubernatorial candidate of PDP in the last Imo governorship election.
It’s unfortunate, that those who had handsomely benefited from the party had a public and total rejection of the same party that made them.


Never considering what they got from the party over the years, they decided to behave like dogs that ate bones hanged under their neck for protection. Consequently, one wouldn’t be wrong to describe them as ingrates.

During the said governorship election, they didn’t hid the fact that they were nolonger members of PDP. Their various meetings with the ruling party, at some points other opposition parties were public records. Therefore, it’s diversionary and self deceit to claim now of resignation which had taken place months ago. PDP Orlu LGA was already used to their absence before now therefore nothing is new.
It’s on record non of those signing the chorus of resignation today in Orlu LGA was sighted anywhere close to PDP meetings during the gubernatorial election of 2023, or was sighted anywhere close to PDP campaign or rallies for Sen. Samuel Anyanwu.
Then why claiming to have resigned now when their party membership cards were already torn at your different polling units during the governorship election?

The major problem of these men were that they miscalculated, thinking they were the only humans found in PDP Orlu LGA and they never believed that PDP belonged to the people not to a cabal.

People’s Democratic Party Orlu LGA is now very formidable with the set of leadership we have now. Men of integrity, selflessness, highly intelligent and energetic in moving the party forward.

The emergence of our apex leader at the state level, Dist. Sen. Samuel Nnameka Anyanwu, the national secretary of our great party PDP has thrown up committed leadership, uncompromising persons, quality individuals like Chief Athan Ogoh (Ugwumba na Orlu), Dr Peter Ukaigwe (aka eji azu ndu), Barr. Henry Nwuke, Hon. Mrs Chinyere Okoro, Chief Kinsley Okafor (Omeiheukwu),
Chief Adolphus Chigere (Domas), Engr. Ossai Eze, Chief Innocent Odoemena, Hon. Irasmus, Hon. Kingsley Onyegbule (Akuiriri),
Hon. Okafor (Ihediche), and others.
This is a winning squard, that were initially intimidated, blackmailed, their character in some instances assassinated, schemed out things in PDP Orlu LGA.

From the conduct of this present leadership and their performances so far they have all it taken to drive the party to success.
Judging from the last election and subsequent events, they have shown capacity and mental alertness to move PDP Orlu LGA forward.

Despite sabotage and sundry infighting by the now resigned longtime beneficiaries of the party, this new leadership didn’t just maintain concentration on job at hand, but also ignored their distractions and worked assiduously for the good result recorded in the said election. This is the only time where a party didn’t get involved in vote buying, but also handsomely won election by support of the masses. Weather the mandate of Orlu people was stolen or not the Election Petition Tribunal will shortly rule on that and the truth will come clear.
What is very important at this point is to use this opportunity appreciate our current leadership in Orlu for fighting like wounded lions and did what was difficult for the political parasites to do in decades.

Considering solidifying the root of the leadership in Orlu LGA, i suggest Chief Athan Ogoh be ask to head and coordinate the leadership of PDP Orlu LGA. That will yield fruit that will be beneficial to the success of PDP in the state.
Chief Athan Ogoh (Ugwumba na Orlu) from records, had never decamped from PDP to another party since formation of the party in1998. He has capacity to organize and coordinate Orlu leaders.
He isn’t self-centered.
His good qualities will be gift to Orlu and will enhance the potentials of returning Orlu LGA PDP to winning ways.

Conclusively, the party at this point should avoid the unnecessary cheap publicity being generated by talks about the belated resignation of those who never meant well for the party in particular and Orlu people in general.
Let’s concentrate on working assiduously to reclaiming the bastardized political sphere of Orlu.
In achieving the above assignment, political leadership in my opinion should be formally constitutedbleaving critical elements of heading the leadership in the hands of chief Athan Ogoh, who is trusted and capacity personified.
I wish our apex leader at the state Sen. Samuel Anyanwu does justice to this for ndi Orlu.

Obviously, People’s Democratic Party Orlu LGA is in safe hands.
We are comfortable the way things are now.
In the spirit of sportsmanship, i congratulate those former members who left the party even before the governorship election, but recently made it official to the public by signing their belated document of touted resignation.


‚úćūüŹľ Onyia Valentine C.
Faithful party member.