The solidarity visits observed by the Local Government Areas, LGAs and political blocks to Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha to his Ogboko hometown has turned awry to APC members in Oru East LGA if reports reaching Trumpeta is considered.

The newspaper learnt that the party is on the brinks of collapse in Oru Eat following suspected in fighting by two camps said to be loyal to the Honorable member representing the Constituency and that of the commissioner for transport.

Trumpeta noticed that unlike other LGAs who paid courtesy to the governor in his Ideato South residence, delegates were either led by their House members, Commissioners or other APC chieftain in agreement with none of the key functionaries missing. But when Oru East people came calling to the governor, the member representing the state constituency was conspicuously absent thereby sending dangerous signals that all is not well among the political gladiators. There are reports of supremacy battle between the lawmaker and commissioner of transport as the reason for the absence of the lawmaker is yet to be uncovered. A picture shot showed only few leaders with Okorocha after the meeting.

However, this recent development has kept on troubling the peace of APC loyalists in the area who were neither informed of the said visit nor seen anywhere around Okorocha’s gate in Ogboko.

It was also noticed that scores of protesters suspected to come from Oru East and opposed to the one sided visit took over the gate of the governor’s house in the village

A close look at the protesters and their insignia depicts ominous signs in Oru East APC over the suspected  coup against the House member and his supporters. The protesters, according to eye witness account were unfamiliar faces whose identities are far close related to Oru East LGA. Reasons for contracting them are yet to be unraveled and the identities of their pay masters continue to raise dust in the party hierarchy

Meanwhile, the key players in the LGA were said to had dinned and wined with each other and the general Oru East constituents during the last festive season.

Trumpeta learnt that the key players in the show also tried their best to win the support and sympathy of the people by hosting party faithful during the yuletide seas