Pensioners Predicament in Imo: Uche Nwosu Moves Against Father In- Law?

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By Onyekachi Eze

There are strong indications that the pitiable predicament of pensioners in Imo State may have pushed the immediate past Chief of Staff to the Rescue Mission Government, Chief Uche Nwosu to push for better welfare if elected governor. The recent outburst of Nwosu, a son in-law to Okorocha and Action Alliance, AA, governorship candidate that he would better the lot of pensioners if elected may have given him away as one of the antagonists of the governor against certain policies.

Various governorship candidates and Imolites have condemned Okorocha’s approach to issues affecting retirees payment in the state.

Irrespective of the fact that he was part of Okorocha’s regime since 2011, Nwosu, who only left the administration few weeks ago to run the government in a statement pitied the former civil servants.

Trumpeta learnt that the decision of Nwosu to be on the side of the pensioners is not unconnected to his desire to detach himself and ambition to rule Imo State from governor Okorocha his in-law.

It was gathered that in the camp of Nwosu, worries over his ambition is the believe in some quarters that the administration of his son in-law if elected would be mistaken to be an extension of Okorocha’s rule in the state.

To extricate himself from Okorocha in other to avoid blacklash from Imolites, Nwosu as part of campaign strategies will speak ill of some wrong aspects of the present regime to earn applause from the people.

According to Nwosu, “I am pained that our senior citizens have to go through avoidable rigors before getting their legitimate entitlements. It is also unfortunate that after these rigorous verifications, they still do not get paid what they are entitled to, and when they are entitled to them”.

Nwosu further retorted that as a former Chief of Staff, he only make suggestions to the governor, while its execution solely lies with the Chief Executive to consent and executive.

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