Fresh Impeachment Fear in Imo Assembly Over Recall of Five Suspended Lawmakers

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Fresh impeachment fear in IMO Assembly over recall of five suspended members.
A renewed year of an imminent impediment has  returned in IMO state House of Assembly as five suspended lawmakers of the House have been allowed to rejoin their colleagues.
It would be recalled that since mid last year, five members comprising Ifeanyi Nnaturaonye (mbaitoli), Uche Ogunuike ( Ikeduru) and Nkenna Nzeruo(Oru east) were sent packing out by the assembly complex. Other a affected are Chiji Collins ( Oru West). Though they were excused of Umpaliarment any acts out the reason can’t be distanced from the subtle plots of the pro-Okorocha lawmakers to have their way and dance to  the turn of the executives.
Trumpeta learnt that the return of the 5 has Instituted fear in the minds a of the House leadership especially the speaker, Rt Hon. Acho Ihrin.
Before the recall, Shaky developments has characterised activities in the House leading the soldiers and policemen talking over the premises the avert troubles. It was gathered that some of the lawmakers were incensced to move against the Governor Okorocha and speaker Ihrin over reasons related  to their Welfare as members.
Though, Okorocha and speaker Ihrin were said to have weaken  the lawmakers move, out feelers in the a house have it that the return of the five lawmakers have renewed the impeachment move.
Available reports have it that expect speaker Ihrin settles the suspended lawmakers with their entitlement and others allowances missed during the period they were under sanction, they returnees nay pull resources together with other aggrieved members to remove the speaker and Okorocha.
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