Aftermath of House Committee Selection: Imo Speaker, Chiji In Trouble . Members Move Against Isiala Mbano Lawmaker


A peace of the grave yard is now pervading Imo House of Assembly, since after the announcement of House committee members and their chairmen.

According to information available to Trumpeta, that important exercise of selecting members who will chair the various House Committees in the House has been causing vibration following agitations from members who feel short-changed in the entire exercise, and therefore have vowed to have their pound of flesh on the Speaker, Rt Hon Chiji Collins.

Trumpeta learnt that Speaker Chiji Collins and his office are now targeted by some disgruntled Assembly members, who are now plotting on how to continue to frustrate Chiji’s regime in the House, or even carry out a “Coup”, even though it seems difficult now that the House and its leadership are yet to settle down for business.

This Newspaper was informed that those plotting against Chiji are “his Brothers”, because all the plotters are from “Okigwe zone”.

One of the ring leaders, Trumpeta learnt, is a disgruntled member who rejected his Committee, and even threatened to “deal” with the Speaker.

Source said that several meetings had already been held in the residence of an Imo Assembly member from Orlu zone.

This Newspaper learnt that the issue regarding the sharing formula and allocation of Juicy committees to certain “anointed” House of Assembly members dominated the nocturnal gatherings.

However, a source from the Speaker, who pleaded anonymity disclosed to Trumpeta that the Speaker, Rt Hon Chiji Collins, as a politician knows that no position is permanent, and therefore his seat is subject to envy and attack from political opponents.

The source said that the Speaker in his wisdom shared the Committees with the consultation of principal officers and members, and therefore judiciously distributed the chairmanship seats and positions with patriotism and transparcy in order to carry all sectors of the State and their representatives in the House along.

“We know that some people are hurt that Hon Chiji Collins was made the Speaker of the House to their dismay. But only God gives power” the source hinted.

Meanwhile, most people who spoke to Trumpeta agreed that it is too early for trouble to erupt now, and advised that members should give peace and chance and allow the Speaker Chiji Collins turn to consolidate, than distractions now.

Trumpeta was told that it is worrisome that when the speakership position was in both Okigwe and Etiti clans, it lasted, but unfortunate that members from Mbano clan are plotting against their brother, Chiji.