Imolites Accuse Onyewuchi, Nwawuba Of “Sleeping On Duty” .Task Lawmakers On Ekemele, Mbaise Bad Roads Imo citizens who make


Imo citizens who make use of Okigwe and Umuahia High ways in Imo State have poured out their anger on the two Federal Legislators representing Imo State in the National Assembly from Owerri zone.

They are Senator Ezenwa Onyewuchi, representing Owerri zone (Imo North) in the Senate, and Hon Henry Nwawuba representing Ikeduru/Mbaitoli in House of Representatives.

According to Imo people, both men are not living up to their legislative duties, following the deplorable state of Akabo, Emekuku, Azaraegbelu, Mbaise Roads that are now completely destroyed and a death trap for road users.

Imo people agreed in unison that had the said roads been fought for and put in the budget, they would not have been in their present dangerous shapes.

Imo people, especially those from Owerri zone, are saying that Senator Onyewuchi who was a member of House of Representatives and Hon Nwawuba must do all within their legislative rights to attract the presence of the federal government to the roads so that they could be added in the budget since the roads are Federal roads.

Most of those who spoke to this Newspaper wondered why Ezenwa and Nwawuba could block their ears to the cries emanating from the people concerning these roads, as if it does not concern them.

They said that it is most shameful that both Legislators could not even provide palliative measures, just as the past Senator, Chief Anyanwa used to do during the raining season for the dangerous roads.

They maintained that if Onyewuchi does not change his recent “sleeping” style to issues concerning his Senatorial zone, he may not win any other election in the zone.

“Senator Ezenwa Onyewuchi seems to be over whelmed by his recent position as Senator. Infact, he did better as a House of Reps member than now. Since he was inaugurated, have you heard his voice in the Senate?” a source asked.

On Hon Nwawuba, they expressed disappointment that a usually vibrant Nwawuba has recently been “Sleeping too” unlike before.

“May be Nwawuba feels because he has won a second term and not going back to the House again, he has nothing any more to do with Ikeduru/Mbaioli Federal Constituency. But you never know with politics. We are watching” Trumpeta was told.

A visit to Ekemele in Akabo by our Reporters was a very bad sight, as the Road is no more motorable, and impassable for pedestrians too.

“We are challenging our brothers the in National Assembly from Owerri Zone to do something now, or else whenever we see them, we will embrass them” Trumpeta was told.

However, it was learnt that Imo State Government has vowed to fix the bad roads, including Federal roads, immediately after the rains.