Libation Saga: Mbaise Monarchs Divided

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The decision of a group of monarchs from Mbaise land to undertake a libation against anyone opposed to the continued stay of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha in office is causing disaffection among traditional rulers in the community.

It would be recalled that there was a storm in the state when a group of monarchs from the three LGAs Mbaise land gathered in one of the locality to offer traditional exercise cursing any of their sons who would be against the position of Ihedioha as Governor. Ihedioha is from Aboh Mbaise, one of the LGAs that make up the state.

Since Ihedioha came in board as governor on May 29th, 2019, few Mbaise politicians, especially those opposed to his becoming governor and in other political camps have been using different fora to launch offensive against the administration of their kinsman, Ihedioha.

Apparently uncomfortable with the attitude of some of the Mbaise people who persistently attack Ihedioha, a select group of monarchs who claim to be representing the interest of all came out to pour libation against any of their kinsman against the governor.

Moments after the action was concluded than divergent reactions followed. Trumpeta learnt that some group of Ezes from Mbaise land who are not in agreement with those who performed the libation not only condemned it but also said they are not party to the offering.

Some Ezes who do not want to be mentioned for fear of victimization informed Trumpeta on phone that there is serious disagreement among traditional ruler in Mbaise land as it was not the general consent of the members of the Mbaise council of traditional rulers to undertake the function.

“Those who did that thing are on their own” began one monarch who spoke to Trumpeta over the matter.

We are against it and the action has caused a division. Some of us who are not interested in the politics are not in support and may offer our mind when the time comes” he concluded. It was also noted that chairman of Mbaise Eze, Eze Leonard Nwokocha was not available at the libation ground signaling division.

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