Sam Anokam Enjoins Uzodinma to Unite Imo Citizens, Consolidates On Ihedioha”s Legacies

Tunji Adedeji
Chief Sam Anokam,a successful Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers based in Owerri ,  has counselled Imo Governor Senator Hope Uzodinma to consolidate on the gains and surpass the achievements of his predecessor, Rt Hon  Emeka Ihedioha.
He gave this charge while fielding questions from newsmen in Owerri on Saturday adding that his predecessor Ihedioha exhibited calmness and peace in the state, which should be sustained.
Anokam who is a Knight of St. Christopher of the Anglican Communion enjoined Senator Uzodinma to unite Imo citizens across party line, shun partisanship and sustained the legacies put in place by the former governor, Emeka Ihedioha.
Anokam said he expects Uzodinma”s government to be non partisan because he became politically made by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.
He further said the current situation in the state was like a spilt milk that one should not cry over because doing so would amount to distablising the existing peace in the state.
He said, “Senator Hope Uzodinma should do his work as the new governor of Imo State; look at some aspects of what Ihedioha has been able to do within this short time and consolidate on it for the benefit of Ndimo.
“What happened has happened, I know he (Uzodinma) had been aspiring to govern Imo State since 1999 and he must have his programmes. We need him to speed up action to reconstruct Imo because his support cuts across the entire 27 LGAs of the State.
“He must also work hard to unite everybody in the state to ensure we have peace in Imo State otherwise, the gains of Ihedioha’s seven months in office will be lost”.
Chief Anokam said the emergence of Senator Uzodinma as the governor of Imo State, though a rude shock, was not the first time it was happening in the country and might not be the last unless Nigerians especially, the elites use their conscience and think for the good of the nation.
According to him, “In civilized climes, such things do not happen. But, in Nigeria, it has repeatedly happened.
“Our politics here is not that of a people who are thinking about the nation. No. People only think about their pockets and the square of influence it could command.
“This Hope Uzodinma emergence is not the first time it’s happening.
“When the NPN was there, situations like this happened when we were talking about 25 percent of the 19 States. Shagari became president through this kind of mathematical error or what some people called then, ‘hocus pocus’. That’s to tell you that it didn’t start today.
“We have been in this dilemma in the politics of Nigeria. They’re not considering the interest of the people. It’s the interest of those elites that are in position of power. How it favours the ordinary Nigerian, they don’t care.
“Why don’t we ask ourselves questions. Since Independence till now, we are still craving for development of this country. There is poverty in the land and people are running away to other countries seeking greener pastures. Those who are here are dying in installments.
Business is not thriving and when it comes to election to determine those that may change the situation for the better, the same elites and the powers that be will still determine who wins.
“We’re only praying that God will help us get the change we need. I want to also appeal to our people to make use of their conscience and think about this nation and the betterment of our people”.