The people of Agboala Ishiala Umudi autonomous Community in Nkwerre LGA are yet to unravel the circumstances surrounding the death of a twelve year old boy, Kasarachi  Odurukwe who took his own life by hanging last Wednesday(5/2/2020)
An impeccable source who spoke to Trumpeta, under condition of anoymity, said Master Kasarachi Odurukwe, an orphan, was a pupil of Practising School, Umudi where he was getting ready to sit for the Common entrance. Since the demise of his parents at Umuaro Umudi Nkwerre, the boy and his two other young ones had been living in Agboala Ishiala Umudi with the late Mother’s sister married there.
According to him, Kasarachi had been complaining of how boring the world had been to him and a times would jokingly say, “I want to die and go to heaven and meet my mother. I am tired of this world”
On that fateful day, Kasarachi had led his two small siblings and two other kids to a nearby small stream to fetch water. On arrival at the scene, karasachi had fetched water for the siblings after which he used a nearby stick to test the depth of the small stream. My source said he not was satisfied with the shallowness of the stream.
He shifted ground and brought out a rope from his pocket, tied it to an Indian bamboo around, put his neck and fell down. It tried again ignoring pleadings of kids around him. The third time he tried with a more stronger Indian bamboo, the rope strangled him. The children ran away in fear to report to the elders who quickly thronged the scene.
The obviously scared elders called in the Police who assisted in bringing the remains down. Our source said four batteries were found on Kasarachi which probably he intended to drink the contents had the rope suicide failed.
In a chat with the traditional ruler of Ishiala Umudi, Nkwerre LGA, HRH Eze Joel Udenkwo condemned the action describing it as taboo. He wondered what a boy of twelve has seen in this world to complain of boredom.
Eze Udenkwo then advised parents to always give their wards proper child upbringing while monitoring the companies they keep.
When Trumpeta called at Umuaro  Umudi autonomous Community, an elderly man who pleaded anonymity revealed that the late boy’s family has a history of mysterious deaths. He recalled that till date they have not gotten any explanation as regards the way and manner the late boy’s mother popularly called “Baby Oku” died.
Meanwhile, the remains of Kasarachi have been deposited in an undisclosed morgue