Govt To Shutdown Substandard Schools in Imo,


By Okey Alozie
As government of Imo State enjoins Area Evaluators of Education, (AEES), to be through and objective in the recommendation of schools for approval, fear has now gripped private school owners who were unable to meet up to the required standard.
Information available to Trumpeta has it that only few schools may be approved while majority of the private schools that do not meet the required criteria shall be recommended to the state government for closure.
The Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Education, Dr Mrs Chinyere Uwandu who recently charged her workers to be mindful of their duties urged the AAES to be the eyes of the ministry of education in the LGAs and allow truth and honesty be their watchwords.
Meanwhile the owners of schools suspected to be of substandard quality have began to lobby the government through the ministry to avoid problem.
It would be recalled that the Teacher Registration Council of Nigeria recently directed that all the teachers without the required qualifications be sacked from work.
Moreover schools with fake teachers will also be closed down.
Parents have been asked to withdraw their children from all substandard schools before it will be closed down completely.