Fuel Scarcity Bites Harder On Residents


Imo State commuters and vehicle owners are now living in agony occasioned by financial stress from the scarcity of Petroleum Products in the State, as Petrol stations remain shut following disagreement between Petrol Dealers and Imo State Government led by Governor Hope Uzodinma.
This situation has returned Black Market Dealers of the product to the streets of Imo State, last witnessed in the Military era, when fuel scarcity dominated the Economy.
Now, Imo citizens are living at the mercy of Fuel Dealers and Government as the citizens are yet to get a grip of what really the matter is all about that has plunged the State into the unexpected hardship at this time of the year.
In Owerri, just a few Fuel Stations, who braved the situation, are open for business and they sale at a particular fixed liter to all vehicles owners, no matter who you are.
The Filling Stations who are not lucky enough or opportune to have fuel are shut for business for weeks now.
This ugly situation is coupled with the various sit-at-homes now in Imo State, plunging the citizens into unexpected hardship.
Meanwhile, the people of the State are still confused what the matter is all about, as they cannot comprehend how other neighboring States are selling fuel for the normal prize of N165, while Imo State cannot afford the product.
Trumpeta learnt that the few Petrol Stations who have the product is selling at the prize of N500 per liter.
And in most cases, the product get exhausted easily following many people demanding the minimal available product, therefore causing monopoly.
However, as the situation overwhelms Imo State Government, the Governor has directed Imo masses seeking for the now scarce Petrol Products to move to neighboring States like Abia, Rivers and Anambra to search for help since Imo State is equidistance with these States who have Petrol products, and should not be what Imo vehicle owners and commuters should bother themselves about.