Bizarre: Man Sales Two Daughters For Christmas Spending


By Peter Uzoma

 The picture of the sudden disappearance of two sisters last Sunday (12/12/2021), after a football match at Ejemekwuru autonomous Community in Oguta LGA, is becoming a bit clearer.

Trumpeta investigation reveal that the father of the girls, thirty-seven year old, Mr Solomon Eburue of Umuotumowuru, Umuebe, Ejemekwuru, sold out his two daughters, Miss Daniella Eburue (5years) and Miss Emmanuelle Eburue(4years).

 An impeccable source told Trumpeta that on that fateful Sunday, Mr Solomon Eburue had neatly dressed the two girls and was seen marching to the Community’s football pitch with them to watch a match.

 At the end of the match, Solomon had gone home, to the chagrin of his wife, without the children.

 Tension went high as the father of the girls could not give convincing account of his two daughters he had gone out with, to watch a football game.

 Security agents were quickly invited to the scene upon which the said Solomon was arrested for interrogation during which it was revealed that he had struck a child trafficking deal with one Mrs Ndidi Durugwuegbu, a mother of five, from the same kindred and Community. People told the security agents that they saw Solomon (with Ndidi standing by) hand over the two girls to some three persons who quickly took them away from the football arena.

 Although, both Solomon and Ndidi are currently in Lagos helping the Police, further revelations say both have been in the business for long.

 A source who pleaded anonymity recalled how Solomon, a father of nine then, had sold his first baby at birth through connivance while his wife was yet recovering from the pains of child birth. He was said to have told an inquisitive audience that the new baby was “dead” at birth and had been buried.

The source said he used the proceeds to commence a yam selling business which never saw the light of day then. He later sold another child for same business which also failed.

 Further findings say the two suspects, currently in Lagos, have made useful statements while a manhunt has been mounted in Abuja with a view to tracking the buyers of the two little girls who are believed to base in Abuja.

As at the time of filing this report Umuotumowuru, Umuebe, is currently engulfed in confusion as many are worried why a man should sell his two daughters so as to celebrate Christmas.