Charter of Equity: Imo Needs Uzodimma For Second Term – Agbaso


For stability of governance and equity among all the three zones of Imo State, especially Owerri and Okigwe zones from 2027 moving forward, the State needs Senator Hope Uzodimma, the incumbent governor of the State to come back for a second term in office.

Speaking to journalists in Owerri, the former deputy governor of the State, Chief Jude Agbaso revealed that the call to support Uzodimma’s second term became imperative due to his achievements in all sectors of the economy of the State.

Agbaso who served as deputy to former governor Rochas Okorocha added that it was no longer ideal to truncate the recently agreed Imo Charter of Equity among the elders and stakeholders of the State which had hitherto brought acrimony and bad blood among the politicians in the three Zones.

According to him, the charter of equity is certainly the best declaration at this time having eluded the State over the years to have been revisited, stamped and with the seal of government, it has come to stay after several years of trial without success.

“I commend the governor for given his nod to it. If the incumbent governor didn’t want that discussion to be opened up, he wouldn’t be interested afterall he is already enjoying the paraphernalia of his office. He won’t also want to transmit power to other zones, especially the Owerri zone which had been shortchanged severally.

“We, in Owerri zone and indeed all Imolites have all agreed that governor Uzodimma has done so well, so let us support him to finish out his second term, so that we know that Orlu zone has been rested.

“In 2027, you would not hear that a governorship candidate is coming from Orlu zone from any political party because the issue would have been streamlined. If this understanding was done eight years ago, we wouldn’t have been battling with the issue by now. There wouldn’t be rancour. Contest would have been localized in the zones and that would bring development.

“Moreover, in the administration of Hope Uzodimma, we are not seeing any form of lopsidedness in the appointments and distribution of developmental amenities, such as health, education, road infrastructure, etc. Things are being streamlined in such a way that we are all winners. Therefore, our inclination is that let Uzodimma finish his second term and leave us in a good stead and rancour-free mood by another zone to continue from where he would have stopped,” Agbaso stated.

The former deputy governor chided his former boss, Rochas Okorocha for failure to bequeath quality development to the State. He, however, urged Uzodimma not to go the way of Okorocha by “given Imolites good roads that would not be washed by ‘acidic rains’, primary school buildings which designs would not fail us, mere bricks in the name of hospitals.”

He reminded Uzodimma to continue in his quality infrastructure development to the State by directing the economy to the good of the people as well as drawing the centre to the State for the overall benefit of its citizens.