UBEC May Sanction Imo Govt Over N7bn Refund Demand


Tunji Adedeji
A thick cloud of uncertainty has enveloped the previous and current APC regime in Imo State following a recall notice by the Universal Basic Education Commission Management in Abuja for Zenith bank to return the sum of N7,113,128,497:85k representing UBEC Marching Grant to Imo State  for the period 2016 to 2018.
The cause of the letter which was reportedly addressed to the Acting Executive Chairman, Imo State and signed by Mr. Nwanna, General Manager, and Charles Anyacho, Assistant General Manager was put logistics in place for the commission.
And also engage the Commission to resolve any source of disagreements between the Commission and your office for the smooth implementation of Universal Basic Education Commission projects in the State.
Many citizens of Imo State believe that the silence of the state authorities indicate an indictment on the part of government and may earn Imo State Government sanction.
Chief among those who reacted to this development was Comrade Ogu Bundu Nwadike, Imo Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Publicity Secretary who raised silent point on the implications of N7B refund.
He said,”The implication of the ugly development is that the IMSUBEB in the APC 2016-2018 period must have sinned and come short of the stipulations, directives and instructions of UBEC. “
“Money must have been released by UBEC for the advancement of primary education in the State, which must have been misappropriated by the government of that day.”
“Little wonder primary schools, and their teaching and non-teaching staff in Imo State, together with physical infrastructure in the 2016-2018 period, suffered avoidable neglect and abandonment.”
“It’s significant that Zenith Bank Plc is calling out IMSUBEB of the current APC regime in Imo State to answer questions over the questionable conducts of the IMSUBEB of the previous APC regime.”
According to the bank, it was necessary for the current APC regime that’s led by Senator Hope Uzodimma to sort things out with UBEC fast so as to sustain the continued implementation of the UBEC projects in Imo State.
“The immediate implication is that the current APC regime must endeavour to get the previous APC regime of 2016-2018 to refund the N7,113,128,497:85 in question. Otherwise, the current APC regime must endeavour to raise and refund the billions of naira that was obviously misappropriated by the previous APC regime in Imo State.
“Those are about the two options left now if the hope of Imo State to continue enjoying the huge benefits that accrue to the education sector from UBEC won’t be dashed.”
“No doubt, the world will be keenly watching to see how the current APC regime will manage this exposed financial impropriety of the previous APC regime.”