Alleged Mismanagement of N20m Development Fund: Heads To Roll In Imo LGAs


By Okey Alozie

Crisis is said to be rocking some of the Local Government Areas in Imo State over the alleged mismanagement of N20m fund meant for the development of infrastructures mainly at the council headquarters.

Our source revealed that the governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma in-line with his  Rehabilitation, Recovery and Reconstruction policy, doled out N20m to each local government for the rehabilitation of damaged infrastructures but  sources  suggest that the money have  allegedly  mismanaged as we gathered.

Report has it that Sole Administrators may have been schemed out by top civil servants at the council headquarters who allegedly hijacked fund release for development projects in the 27 Local Government Areas by the executive governor.

The top civil servants from the treasury and administrative offices of the local government areas used their position do dock the N20m and resolved to execute the project themselves without due process our source alleged. Indications are ripe that the works departments were not carried along in the process of execution. The top civil servants at the local government areas were also accused to have executed,  inflated the white elephants and fictitious project on their own.

The worst hit as we gathered are,  Obowo Local Government Area, Ikeduru and Owerri West as we were told.

Information also has it that technical workers were not included as project committee members and this made is for those who handle the execution job to misbehave with the fund.

Our source further disclosed that fake contractor were allegedly used instead of direct contractors were the works department will be involved and possibly reduce the cost.

The state government as we learnt wanted to reduce cost and avoid waste but those who have intent to syphone the council fund as we gathered, insisted that they must use people from outside to execute the project. It was reported that the alleged top civil servants at the council brought their love ones and gave the projects to execute.

Right now there is confusion as we were informed by aggrieved staff of the Local Government Area over the alleged mismanagement of LGA funds.

We further learnt that those officials at the local government areas who are allegedly involved in the financial scam have started making moves to cover their sins.

We were told that they have gone to top government appointees to cover their alleged malpractices so that they will not be exposed and prosecuted by the governor.