Disquiet In Imo Civil Service Over Continued Stay Of Head Of Service After Retirement


The Imo State Civil Service is shaky at the moment as workers in the state are reported to be uncomfortable with the continued stay of the Head of Service, Raymond Ucheoma.

Trumpeta learnt that the inability of the Head of Service to bow out of service after the stipulated time to retire from service is causing discomfort in the workers’ community.

From what was learnt, the current Head of Service in Imo State was supposed to have retired from service since last year but has remained in office courtesy of an extension grace handed to him by the State government.

According to findings from our correspondent monitoring developments in the civil service of the state, most of the workers aware that his time had been due for retirement are expressing dissatisfaction over the extension granted to him which has seen him stay for about a year.

What may have triggered off discontent over Ucheoma’s continued stay are reports that an extension of service is underway for him to also spend more years in office for the sake of Governor Hope Uzodimma.

Our reporter who was at the ministry early this week noticed that the issue of the continued stay of the Head of Service in office dominated discussions among the workers who regret the extension of service grace granted to Ucheoma.

The discussion is gaining attention of the workers who lament the consequences it would have on the mental psyche of the entire work force.