Ideato South Community, Umuojisi Goes To The Poll 13th April After Failed Kangaroo Election 


..As Former Councilor Emerge ELECO Chairman 



The community of Ideato South, particularly the vibrant enclave of Umuojisi, is bracing itself for a pivotal electoral showdown slated for the 13th of April. This follows the turbulent aftermath of a failed kangaroo election that left residents in dismay and disbelief. Determined to uphold democratic values and ensure fair representation, Umuojisi residents and sister branches are eagerly preparing to cast their votes in what promises to be a defining moment for the community.

The decision to proceed with the election stems from the overwhelming rejection of the previous election results due to glaring irregularities and procedural lapses. Concerns were raised over the lack of adherence to pre-election formalities and the absence of transparent processes, prompting widespread condemnation from residents and sister branches. In response to this outcry, community leaders swiftly moved to organize a new election, emphasizing the need for integrity and inclusivity in the electoral process.

As the 13th of April draws near, anticipation and excitement are palpable throughout Umuojisi. Residents and sister branches are actively engaging in discussions, debates, and grassroots mobilization efforts to ensure maximum participation and a fair outcome. There is a collective sense of determination to rectify past injustices and uphold the principles of accountability, transparency, and democratic governance.

The upcoming election represents more than just a chance to elect new leaders; it is a testament to the resilience and spirit of democracy within Umuojisi. It serves as a stark reminder that the voices and choices of the people must be respected and honored. With the eyes of the community fixed on the horizon, Umuojisi stands poised to chart a new course towards a future defined by unity, progress, and genuine representation.

Heeding to the advice of one of the community leaders, a real estate consultant, Mazi Ucheonye Mmadumere not to lose focus and hope; In the face of the past challenges and controversies, Umuojisi emerges stronger and more united than ever, ready to embrace the democratic process with renewed vigor and determination. As the countdown to the 13th of April begins, all eyes are on Umuojisi, where the fate and future of the community will be decided by the will of the people at the ballot box.

In another development aimed at ensuring transparency and fairness in the electoral process, former councilor and civil servant, Ugochukwu Ikpa, was appointed the Chairman of the Electoral Committee for the upcoming Umuojisi Autonomous Community Central Body election. This announcement was made following a consensus reached by community leaders and stakeholders to entrust the responsibility of overseeing the election to individuals known for their integrity and impartiality.

Alongside Ugochukwu Ikpa, Walter Okwara has been appointed as the Secretary of the electoral committee, bringing his administrative expertise to the table. Additionally, Chukwuma Ihionu, Gaius Udorie, and Emeka Chineke have been named as members of the five-member committee, each bringing their unique skills and experiences to the electoral process.

The appointment of Ugochukwu Ikpa and his team comes at a crucial time for Umuojisi Autonomous Community, as they prepare to elect new leaders to steer the affairs of the community. With their combined knowledge and commitment to the principles of democracy, the electoral committee is poised to facilitate a smooth and transparent election process that reflects the will of the people.

Speaking on behalf of the electoral committee, Ugochukwu Ikpa expressed gratitude for the trust placed in them by the community leaders and pledged to uphold the highest standards of integrity and fairness throughout the electoral process.

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