2019 : Oru East Leaders Read Riot Act Against Rigging 

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By Onyekachi Eze

Few weeks to the 2019 general elections, political leaders and stakeholders from Oru East Local Government Area, Imo State have severely warned against rigging, saying any of such act would be resisted.

They reached the consensus in an inter party conference held at the ’18Up Golden Hotel’, Awo Omamma, on Sunday, January 27, 2019.

They insist that for the quest for an effective representation in Oru East, they would resist any form of electoral malpractice by any means, adding that the mandate of Oru East people must prevail.

Trumpeta Newspaper observed that the resolution had an overwhelming support of all the political parties present, where they urged all candidates to eschew politics of calumny, thuggery and ballot box snatching.

In his speech, Chief Chime Nzeribe said, Oru East cannot be hold hostage again by one or few persons who think they can determine the fate of the masses.
He submitted that all form of rigging will be vehemently resisted, so as to allow the people’s votes count.

Another leader, Sir Romanus Egbuladike added that the aim for the meeting was to chat a way forward for a better Oru East, reiterating that the goal is to ensure a free, fair and transparent polls.

In their respective speeches, Chief Eric Ofordirinwa, Hon Kelechi Duru, Sir Tony Enoch, Chief Romanus Nnaoma, Hon Odyssey Obioha, Chief Vincent Eze, Chief Roland Onyeuka disclosed that what happened in Oru East in 2015 will not be allowed to repeat again in the upcoming polls, hence the move for a warning across anybody or group of persons with the intention of rigging the upcoming elections, especially with the House of Assembly polls.

The electorates are further urged to vote wisely, and to shun any form of inducement.
Part of the communiqué read, “That any attempt by any person or persons to rig, hijack or subvert the will and mandate of Oru East people or voters will be resisted by all the leaders in Oru East”.

“Any attempt to misuse the youths or law enforcement agencies to intimidate or attack any person or persons in Oru East will be resisted by all means possible in order to achieve free and fair election in Oru East”.

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