Pyrates Confraternity Holds Barracuda Feast in Imo

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Pyrates Confraternity Holds Barracuda Feast In Imo
Kicks Against Drug Abuse Amongst Youths
Tunji Adedeji
The National Association of Seadogs, popularly known as Pyrates Confraternity(Samba Katanga Deck) on Saturday held her 2019 Feast of Barracuda in Owerri, Imo state capital.
The event themed, “Drug Abuse Amongst Nigeria Youths -A Ticking Time Bomb which took place at Star event place behind IMSU back gate was attended by members, dignitaries, friends and well wishers among others.
The keynote speaker and chairman of the session, Prof. Bennett  Nwanguma ,Department of Biotechnology, Medical Molecule logy and Biochemist (UNN) set the ball rolling with a little introduction of the feast of Barracuda and the need for Nigerians to curtail the menace of drug abuse amongst the youth of Nigeria, describing it as a the biggest problem facing the country .
Prof .Nwanguma said Nigeria has graduated from a mere transit route for drugs (moving from North America and Asia of Europe) to become a country of drug abusers and traffickers.
He pointed out that Nigeria drug problem has been exposed by a BBC documentary and the report of a recent study conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS)and centre for research and information on substance Abuse (CRISA) in collaboration with the United Nations office on Drug and Crime and the European Union.
According to him,” This issue  has not come as a surprise, because all the early warning signs were either missed or ignored. The catalyst s rising unemployment and poverty,poorly regulated drug distribution and retail network glorification of drug use by celebrities, music video and rising culture of chemsex using drugs to enhance sexual performance.”
” It is high up the list with unemployment and insecurity .Interestingly, all three are linked . like a ticking time bomb ,the situation will get worst if adequate and urgent steps are not taken .Drug addicts should be seen as victims of a decadent society and not just as criminals .In place of rejection they red rehabilitation, instead of punishment they need treatment “
He sad,” There is a role for everyone of us as we seek a drug-free society. First,we can lend our voice to call on government to address the risk factors and dangers posed  by this ticking time bomb. We can also advise young people against drug abuse and offer financial support to those in need of treatment.
Fielding questions from journalists shortly after the event ,the NAS Vice President Comr. Chijioke Obi , NAS of Imo described the association as International charitable and humanitarian organisation comprising of like-minded, intellectually stimulated and disciplined men who are committed to fighting the ills of the society where-ever they may rear their ugly heads.
He said that the organisation was dedicated to humanitarian and charitable endeavours within Nigeria and whatever society the members find themselves.
 Obi  William said the practical aimed of the organisation was to fight all social ills and conformist degradation within and outside the midst stand supreme.
“These are translated into the creed which is supposed to act as guide to our acts and thoughts and to the solutions to dilemmas that may face us in making choices in life, ” Obi said.

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