Uche Nwosu Explodes, Says, We’ re Not Wanted In APC


A governorship aspirant in the All Progressive Congress, APC who later ran for the position under AA, in 2019, Chief Uche Nwosu, has given an indication, that he and others believed to be his supporters are no longer wanted in the party.
Nwosu, a former commissioner and Chief of Staff to ex governor of the state Rochas Okorocha, before he went for the race in 2019, in an interview he granted newsmen on the state of affairs of the ruling party, made expressions that tend to show, he and supporters are not wanted in the APC.
In the interview in Abuja, Trumpeta got online, Nwosu, also son –in-law to former governor Okorocha and now Senator representing Imo West Senatorial district in his view about how the revalidation of membership which saw him yet to undertake the function was of the opinion that they are not wanted in the party.
Speaking on his revalidation of his APC membership, Nwosu was quoted to have said “membership registration and revalidation never stop; it is not something you give a deadline for, that after so and so time, it would stop. No it is a continuous process. So when the people came to Owerri, I was not contacted and they did not call the stakeholoders so we felt that they didn’t want us to be part of it”.
Nwosu, however gave an impression that despite not taking part in the revalidation exercise he is still a member of the party said he, “I am still a member of the party. I am a registered member of the party. What I need to do as I said earlier is revalidation and this does not mean you are not a member of the party. The only people that can register are those coming in newly to the party but old members would just have to revalidate their membership, which can be done anytime”.
The Nkwerre born politician in the interview expressed dissatisfaction over the attitude of the leadership of the party towards resolving crisis in Imo. Nwosu not only frowned at the delay in resolving crisis bedeviling the party both at the national and state levels.
Nwosu also made open his dislike for the inability of the caretaker committee to settle problems in some states Imo is part off.
On the way forward, Nwosu requested the party’s caretaker committee to call a meeting comprising Uzodinma, Okorocha and Senator Ifeanyi Araraume in which they would sit as brothers in a round table to resolve whatever issue tearing the party apart in the state.
“The leadership is shying away from doing their jobs as the leader of the party. They have not even asked a proper question of what is the problem here; they have not done that and they are getting to a year and six months that they were inaugurated. I am not sure that the leadership of the party wants to do that and for me we should wait for the National Working Committee (NWC) that would come in. this current leadership, I am not sure they want to resolve the problems in Imo State and some other States with problems”, he opined.