War In Imo Zoological Garden, Staff Fight Over Missing Animals


By Okey Alozie

There are palpable tension and anxiety in the Ministry incharge of Environment in Imo State over allegation of missing Animals and financial scam.

Francis Abioye, the Zoo Manager is now at war with the Director of Ecology Mr Ihenacho Chukwuma.

The two men Trumpeta gathered have been like cat and dog because of the Animal and Forestry Management.

The N130m alleged to have been sent for the purchase of Animals in the Zoo which was not properly accounted for started the crisis as we were told and now the issue of dead Animals have come up.

According to report, the Zoo Manager Mr Francis Abioye told a Panel that raining season is not the best period to transport animals but his Professional advice was ignored.

 Consequently one of the animals that was transported died on transit and this now escalated the crisis at the Ministry of Environment and Nekede Zoo in particular.

Findings revealed that the fire brigade approach embarked upon in transporting down a particular animal under the unfavourable condition in order to meet up the short time given to the Zoo Manager by the Authority was the major course to the dead of the animal in question.

Francis Abioye, the Zoo Manager few days ago brought the dead animal to the Ministry as we gathered.

While at the Ministry Abioye accused the Director of Ecology for being responsible to the dead animals, adding that the Director refused to listen to his Professional advice.

The two senior officers almost fought during their exchange of words, Trumpeta learnt.

The issue of missing animals at Nekede, Zoo coupled with  illegal acquisition of Land at the premises  is another problem we learnt.

Recently it was alleged that those working at the Zoo sell some of the animals without approval.

The WAR between the senior officers of the Ministry is still raging

Some of Nekede natives who spoke to Trumpeta want the Zoo to be closed down for now or the State Governor as a matter should declare a State of Emergency at the Zoo.