At Last Imo Workers Free Bus Resume Operation, Civil Servants Jubilates


By Okey Alozie

The Civil Service Staff Buses in Imo State which was said to have been withdrawn from operation by the State Government has now started functioning again.

Our roving reporter observed that the busses returned to normal operation on Monday 12th of February 2024.

In the morning on Monday, the Drivers came out very early to carry Imo workers to their respective Establishments.

At the closing time the workers were physically seen queuing up and entering the busses with happiness.

Sources from Government House revealed that the staff buses were out of service because those who were to supply diesel could not do so for more weeks now.

The sources went further to reveal that the supply came during the weekend and as result the vehicles returned their normal operations and workers are now happy again.

It would be recalled that Imo workers were no more enjoying the services of the staff buses for more than two week now.

Many thought that the Governor must have withdrawn the vehicles after his cabinet dissolution. Today the Buses are back and sound and will continue to serve Imo workers.

“Nobody is planning to withdraw the staff buses from operation” a civil servant declared.

The buses that carried workers today were up to 20. The workers praised the Governor for bringing back the staff buses.